AR Traffic Consultants, Inc.

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AR Traffic Consultants, Inc.


We have been providing shippers with advanced transportation management software and third-party logistics services since 1964. We are the only Infor Solution Partner with a Transportation Management System for the iSeries. All of our products and services are designed to improve your efficiency, accuracy, record-keeping, control and auditability as well as to lower your freight costs. Our software solutions run on your IBM iSeries and offer you seamless integration with multiple supply chain systems. We also offer web-based reporting tools.

We have recently introduced cloud solutions enabling you to use the full power of our systems via your web browser. You can rate and route your daily inbound and outbound shipments, combine LTL shipments into multistop truckloads and perform all of your freight pay and general ledger coding.

You can use our Freight Payment software with its sophisticated audit system to perform freight payment in-house or we can act as your third-party freight payor saving you money on operations. This is available for both IBM iSeries and cloud clients.

Our powerful freight dashboard displays all of your key freight performance indicators in one place, shows you where your freight dollars are going and helps you to control your freight spend.


"The effective deployment and execution of freight tendering and freight payment strategies and processes can provide significant cost savings to cost of goods and sales. Utilizing AR Traffics' software modules; CalcRate, CalcPak, CalcRoute, CalcBOL, LTL Bid Module and Rate Analysis, along with their freight payment services is essential to Hayward's initiatives on supply chain improvements. AR Traffics' expertise can maximize your organization's supply chain discipline, you should talk with AR Traffic!"

Gary Seyer
Corporate Director of Transportation
Hayward Industries, Inc