AR Traffic Consultants, Inc.

LTL Bid Analysis

You need to keep your freight costs as low as possible. But LTL carriers are increasing their fees each year. How do you compare the offers from year-to-year and between carriers? If your carriers all bid off the same tariff, you lose the advantage of their optimized national and regional tariffs

ARTC's LTL Bid Analysis service allows you to compare freight costs across different rate tariffs, allowing your carriers to provide you with the best rates. Carriers can submit their bids using any rate tariff, absolute minimum charge, discount and fuel surcharge table. The system will accomodate multiple levels of FAK. Exceptions can be tendered at state or even ZIP code levels.

You supply us with your freight history for any period of time. You decide which warehouse(s), states, carriers to use. We load the information into our proprietary system and email CSV spreadsheets to the carriers you select to bid for your freight. Once proposals are submitted, your freight is rerated with the new rates and analyzed. This can be combined with our online LTL bid reverse auction to allow carriers to bid dynamically against each other in an online event.

You can review the bids in multiple ways using our advanced tools via the internet. You can compare new costs if you make no changes in your shipping patterns, see costs by state with each of the carriers and least-cost shipments with CalcRate, our sophisticated rating engine. Armed with the changes in each carrier's market share based on proposed rates, you can negotiate better global or exception rates to improve their tonnage and further lower your total freight cost. By developing "what-if" scenarios, you can determine the discount needed to achieve your target freight cost.

Features include:

  • any freight tariff
  • any global absolute minimum charge
  • any global discount
  • any fuel surcharge table
  • multiple FAK levels
  • compare carrier rates
  • compare changes in market share
  • develop "what-if" scenarios
  • available as a software package for your i-Series