AR Traffic Consultants, Inc.

CalcPakTM Parcel Shipping

If you ship parcels, CalcPak will provide you with an electronic scale connected to your iSeries computer, eliminating the need for multiple PC-based systems. It will rate your packages and automatically produce bar-coded labels for FedEx, UPS and USPS. Ongoing certification ensures that CalcPak is fully compatible with all the functionality of FedEx and UPS to create a seamless parcel shipping experience.

Carrier-specific manifests listing all package, service types, and tracking numbers are generated when you ship. All of your carton-level history is stored for you to be able to retrieve when needed.

Features include:

  • ship anywhere in the world
  • connection via iSeries or TCP/IP
  • package tracking
  • electronic carrier manifests
  • bar-coded labels
  • replace multiple PC-based stations
  • weigh-in-motion capable
  • COD and third party billing
  • compare parcel rates and service levels from multiple carriers