AR Traffic Consultants, Inc.

Cloud-based Inbound Routing

Get control of your inbound freight with our cloud-based system! Your suppliers log in to our website and select from your order file the shipments they are ready to process. Using CalcRateTM, our sophisticated freight-rating engine we determine the cost and transit time for all of your carriers. Taking your preferences into account (freight cost, timing, specific freight lane) a carrier is selected and the information is stored in an accrual file. If greater costs are engendered by your supplier changing the selected carrier, you are able to chargeback.

General ledger coding is automatic and all of your inbound freight history is preserved. This enables you to easily assign costs and track trends, compare rates and discounts over time. This information is critical when carriers bid for new contracts.

Shipping history is available to you and can be augmented with our cloud-based freight pay and accrual system or you can use our third-party freight pay service

Features include:

  • least cost routing
  • routing by due date or transit time
  • routing preferences by lane
  • allocation of freight charges
  • analysis and accrual reports