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AR Traffic Consultants, Inc.

Now in our 52nd year, we have been providing shippers with advanced transportation logistics software and third-party logistics services since 1964. We are committed to providing the highest quality transportation logistics software products and services. We have been an Infor Solution Partner since 2010 and the only partner with a Transportation Management System for the iSeries.

We have developed our own proprietary software to run on the IBM iSeries computers. So, if you run into implementation problems, you can speak directly with the programmer who developed the code. This gives us the added advantage of improved responsiveness to your needs. You receive the benefit of this partnership by having direct input into the development of the software that you use. We are always glad to hear from our customers, because that is how we continue to bring you the best products.

Source code is included with all of our products facilitating communication between your IT department and our support staff. Rather than offering a "One-size-fits-all" approach, our products have been designed in a modular fashion so that we can customize a package for your needs.

We have a unique corporate culture with most of our employees having been here well over a decade. Our open architecture allows for a free exchange of ideas. Despite the longevity, we continue to develop new products and systems, staying on the cutting edge of the field, so that we can keep you as productive, efficient and profitable as possible.

As we continue to upgrade our offerings, we have developed a cloud-based series of products and services. Now your company can benefit from our decades of experience without significant upfront capital outlay for extensive hardware and software.

Transportation Services and Software:

  • rate, audit and freight bill payment
  • route and optimize shipping schedule
  • consolidated bill of lading
  • small package scale manifesting
  • LTL and truckload bid modules and services
  • export documentation
  • OS & D claims
  • shipment tracking
  • inbound routing and chargeback program
  • EDI capability
  • online freight dashboard

Software Features:

  • stand-alone and/or interfaceable to order entry, shipping and A/P packages
  • interfaces to MAPICS-XA, ERP-LX, BPCS, PRMS, Warehouse BOSS
  • rate and software maintenance/upgrades available
  • online context-sensitive help utility
  • custom-generated analysis reporting


"I have been working with AR Traffic and their software for over 15 years now. Initially using the CalcRate software and adding the analyzer module soon after. Recently we added the CalcRoute software and asked for AR Traffic's help in managing our EDI invoicing process. The ability to rate a shipment against multiple carriers and modes in seconds with precision accuracy is an incredible advantage for our company. The analyzer module has assisted me in rate negotiations and evaluations of future plant locations. The ability to educate a carrier on the amount of volume they will gain or lose and where this will happen based on rate changes has been a tremendous help in controlling our transportation spend and is very much appreciated by the carriers we do business with. The combined help from AR Traffic's personnel and their software gives me a strong advantage over other shippers. AR Traffic Consultants is playing a large role in the success of distribution activities of my company. "

David Boyle
Corporate Logistics Manager
Paragon Films, Inc.